Start investing now! 5 Principled Investment Apps For You

Investing is inevitably the smartest way to use your extra money. Even a small amount of money can slowly create a lot of wealth for you after the maturity period and increase your net worth. So, never miss the opportunity to keep your hard earned cash in a fruitful investment and today, through mobile technology you can start investing immediately. There are many investment apps that realize more returns with less savings in a morally correct way. Furthermore, many apps are growing from the concept of crude finance, trade and stock market and help interested investors to engage in real stock market investing.

Here is a list of some of the most popular and policy investment apps for new age traders and investors, and of course the general public to start promoting their asset portfolios.

Robin Hood

If there’s one app that allows users to get involved in the investment game for huge sums of money, it’s Robinhood. It allows users to buy and trade US-listed stocks, as well as ETFs, without paying a commission. As such, it is very different and better than any other stock broker who charges $ 10 for each purchase.

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In addition to an app for investing, Stash offers an educational guide for beginners on how to strategically save money for higher returns. It provides users with a manual on how to develop and manage their resource portfolio. Fractional shares, minimum account balance, and price-based investments are just some of the key features.


Acorn is the best option for those who want to contribute regularly instead of one-time investment. Users simply need to link their debit or credit card and this rounds up each transaction to the next dollar and invests an extra or “extra change”. It spends on the most profitable and well-managed ETF portfolios The minimum fee for an account is, 1 per month for a balance of less than $ 5,000. That way, Acorn can help you save a lot with a small amount of dollars and sometimes a fraction of a dollar.


It comes with a unique approach for stock market players interested in buying and selling stocks. Users can buy fractional shares of any organization or listed company through the app. Without any monthly charges, it offers 1000 investment options, including ETFs and single stocks. Specially designed to encourage young people to play stock market, gift stockpile benefits and transfer stock baskets to other people’s accounts.

M1 Finance

A great app that enables starters to build a portfolio to start trading for free. Users can create and maintain an active portfolio of both stocks and ETFs. Although users can create a varied portfolio or a “custom pie” with M1 Finance, they can also get fractional shares with it.

Traditionally, investing requires a broker or at least a financial advisor so that your hard-earned dollars can be invested prudently. So, there is nothing better than having one of the apps that offers a stable outlook for investing and trading stocks with or without a minimum fee.

If you are interested in the apps business, try to come up with an investment app idea that will help newcomers, adults as well as retirees wisely allocate their cash flow and increase their wealth over time.