Forex Brotherhood – Exclusive VIP Members Club

During my investment research I stumbled across The Forex Brotherhood which has created a Members Club to communicate with gurus, resources and reports to help Forex traders trade more profitably.

From what I’ve seen from the competition, Forex Brotherhood offers many more features, exclusive products and resources than similar trading clubs.

Forex Brotherhood offers:

A) FX Module-1 Brotherhood Expert Advisor: This exclusive automated Forex trading robot is only available to Forex Brotherhood members, it works and offers consistent profits. Its advantage over other Forex robots is that the developers are also members of the Forex Brotherhood and provide 24/7 support and assistance with its set up and operation.

B) Daily Broadcast: The leading Forex Brotherhood host, with over 20 years of experience in Forex trading, provides great broadcasts that are truly contagious. He is very enthusiastic and energetic and full of knowledge. He is joined by special guests who specialize in their various Forex experts.

C) Daily Reports: These are reports that any Forex trader will find invaluable, 2 Profits a day from a 20+ year old Forex professional you need to focus your trading and they can answer specific specific questions through forums and chatrooms.

d) Forums / Chats: This is probably where I get the most valuable information and tips, directly from real deal FX traders. The Forex Brotherhood chief host also spends a lot of time answering all the questions. Private forums and chat facilities are very ‘elite’ in the true sense of the word.

E) Deskview Tools: You can install Forex Brotherhood Deskview Tools which allows instant communication from the main host while sitting at your desktop and for important announcements or breaking news which can affect daily business.

F) Premium: Educational Broadcast, Forex Guide, Top 10 Mistakes, More Forex Robots with Monthly Rewards / Giveaways etc.

G) Close Knit Group Efforts: Due to a tight community people are willing to give advice, tips and top secret information which you will not find in other “open” forums or clubs.