Kenyan Safari – The most popular sites, places and activities in Africa

Kenya stretches across the equator with the tops of Mount Kenya – the second highest mountain in Africa – rising from a natural environment of exceptional beauty, Kenya is a very rewarding place to travel. It’s impossible to see everything Kenya has to offer in one trip, and I don’t suggest you give it a try.

Things not to be missed on safari

Climbing Mount Kenya is the second highest peak in Africa, and the glacier on top of Mount Kenya is an extinct volcano that runs across the equator. You can go up the lower slopes at will, but if you try the 5200-meter peak, you need to go slow enough to acclimatize.

Overland Safari “Turkana” – A remote visit to “Turkana” takes place on a camping safari from Nairobi, which includes days of clashes, although in arid deserts there are locals, wildlife and swollen rivers.

Rhinoceros reserves in Kenya have several such as the ranch for Solia games, near Aberdares, which gives the opportunity to see a black and white rhino.

Hot air balloon safaris are an unforgettable experience that costs almost every penny $ 400, or so you pay to be above the plains at dawn (that’s about five bucks a minute)

Kakamega Forest: An isolated area of ​​equatorial forest that once encircled the expanse of Africa, Kakamega is a haven for hundreds of species that are nowhere to be found in Kenya

Eco Lodges – Kenya has wonderful, albeit expensive, locations in pristine parks and nature reserves, such as the Shompale Nature Reserve.

Cave Skulls – Tights store exhumed skulls of the dead in hidden rock niches – an example of a traditional religious practice that is becoming increasingly rare

Travel Dow – Sailor Sinbad for a day on a leisurely cruise on the Dow around Lamu

Birdwatching – Kenya’s diversity of habitat explains an unusual 1,070 species of birds, including this vulture de der Deken. Even the ignorant are quickly transformed, so take binoculars

Diving and Scuba Diving: The Kenyan Coral Reef has excellent scuba diving opportunities with diving schools in all major centers, as well as scuba diving equipment that is available for rent to the enemy for a couple of hours. Vasini, Watamu and Kiva – great sites

The tea country of the tea capital of Kerich Kenya and the most important center for shrubs throughout Africa is surrounded by an endless sea of ​​glistening green plantations

Lama, welcoming an island where there is a lack of business, also has some of the best preserved ancient urban architectures of Africa, many of the houses dating back hundreds of years.

Crafts: Wood carving is a stock of Kenyan vendors, but there is a huge range of other crafts that can be seduced by chic fabrics made of fabric on musical instruments.

The migration of wild Masai masses, watching cacophonous herds from the banks of the swollen flood of the Mara River, especially at one of the deadly crossroads infested with crocodiles, is one of nature’s most spectacular impressions. The migration takes place between July and October.

Nyama choma The most popular big food in Kenya – Nyama Choma or fried meat – goat, lamb or beef – and lots of beer. Nyama Choma bars can be found all over the country

Live music: Live music is easy to find in cities on any weekend. Nairobi is the biggest focus for dozens of clubs and teams, but wherever you are, taxi drivers or hotel staff can help in the right direction.

Walks with the bushes immerse you in the experience of the bushes, coming from the bush walks offered in the playhouses in a number of parks and reserves such as the Masai Mara.

The ruins of Gedi The eerily atmospheric ruins of the Swahili city, abandoned in the 17th century, take time to marvel at the jungle-shaded alley away from the main site.

Mzima occurs in a beautiful oasis in the Tsavo National Park. Gurgling with crystal clear water and inhabited by hippo crocodiles and a variety of small species.

Fort Jesus Mombasa is a place of terrible battles between Portuguese and Arab colonizers and locals: today in the spacious leaf interior of the fort is a beautiful historical museum.

Tivi Beach – just one of the most beautiful beaches in Kenya, from which you can easily get from Mombasa and less crowded than Diani Beach, further south