Beautiful, bold Bagan

In the central region of Mandalay in Myanmar you can now visit the ancient city of Bagan. For years, Myanmar has certainly been a closed, closed country, but after government changes it receives many tourists annually. The city of Bagan has been here since the ninth century, and in the midst of its power between the eleventh and thirteenth centuries, up to ten thousand temples, monasteries and pagodas were built here. Over the years, many have fallen and many have disappeared altogether. However, two thousand two hundred and twenty-nine remain, making it one of the most exciting places to visit in all of Southeast Asia.

The flight to Bagan early in the morning offers a magnificent view of the temples, peering into the fog covered with greenery. It is a very magnificent area and the whole city is full of green trees and shrubs. The spiers of the stupa pierce the sky at every turn. This is an amazing landscape. The rich red soil contrasts perfectly with the greenery and stone work of the temples.

Unfortunately, Bagan is in the earthquake zone and they caused a lot of damage. The last major one was in 1975, when more temples were damaged, including the famous Bupaya, which was nearly destroyed. The military was brought into action, and during the 1990s many damaged buildings were rebuilt. The work was done unsatisfactorily, modern materials were used, and the troops paid little attention to the original architecture. This has provoked widespread condemnation and may be responsible for the fact that the city has not been granted UNESCO World Heritage status, despite numerous statements by the Myanmar government.

Sadly it has not been fixed, it is a wonderful city that still deserves a place in any tourist route. Last year, a third of a million people visited Myanmar, and the vast majority of them included Bagan on the trip. Myanmar is the fastest growing holiday destination in Southeast Asia, and Bagan is one of the biggest attractions. Being in the dry zone of the country, it has good weather all year round. The temperature remains high and is over 30º C all year round. Although between February and May it is more[ptionalionalhotattemperaturesabove35°C[ptionallyhotatover35ºC[ptionalionalгарачыпрытэмпературыбольшза35°C[ptionallyhotatover35ºC

The city is great for visiting your holiday in Myanmar. 430 miles north of Yangon and 180 miles south of the glorious city of Mandalay, it offers the perfect stopping point when traveling between the two cities. The city is a really great place for travelers to see great examples of the two main styles of temple design. A steppe is a high spire that usually contains a relic or a body. The hollow style of the temple, known as Gu, is used for meditation and worship.

Bagan is completely unique, no other city in the region offers the visitor so many temples and so much cultural history. It competes with Angkor Wat for its religious and cultural significance.