Discovering Savoniard culture

If you want to go skiing, Les Menuires is the perfect place for both beginners and experienced fans. Its location in the beautiful Three Valleys makes it an accessible and pleasant place. From activities aimed at adults, to family entertainment, all this can be found here. From fun on the slopes to skiing, Les Menuires ensures that your holiday will be enjoyable.

In addition to skiing, Les Menuires also gives its visitors the opportunity to learn about the historical roots of the area. The culture of the people is obvious when you have the time and inclination to go to study. Behind the snow-covered slopes is a very clear legacy of Savoniard. You can explore this in several ways, starting with visiting the area’s local cultural centers.

Notre Dame de la Vie Nature Reserve

This charming church dates back to the 1500s, with renovations between 1633 and 1680. Nicholas Dash. It is dedicated to the life of the Blessed Mother Mary, whose miraculous statue was built for the house. Not far from Saint-Martin de Belleville and skiing in Le Menuire is still the site of many holy pilgrimages. Today it is the perfect place to attend concerts or just admire the architecture and art of the Baroque in the Savoniard style.

The church is built around a simple Greek cross, from which radiate four chapels. Inside, take the time to admire the frescoes depicting the ascension of Mary to the central dome of Nicholas Oder, whose work illustrates this period in the Tarentaiza Valley. The main altar part of this sanctuary was executed in 1686 by Jean-Marina Molina and has a gilded depiction of the life of Mary. There is also an altar dedicated to the apostles, completed in 1635. It is considered to be one of the oldest examples of this type of work in the region.

You can get to the sanctuary of Notre Dame de la Vie easily when in snow boots or skiing. Les Menuires information centers and facilities can provide information about this religious building as well as routes.

Church in the village of Saint Martin de Belleville (parish)

Also worth a visit is the parish church located in Saint Martin de Belleville. As in Notre Dame de la Vie, this village church is made in the Baroque Savoniard style. Of particular interest is the main altar, the decorative features of which include grape leaves and bunches of grapes on the columns.

Belleville Museum

The Belleville Museum is located in the heart of Saint Martin de Belleville, housed in a former outbuilding. It focuses on the agricultural history of the area, covering a period of 150 years, and shows the development of the rural community up to the 1960s and its changes through tourism. You can wander around the museum unaccompanied, and even if you don’t speak French, you can use headphones attached to the audio guide that explain the various exhibits and exhibits of the museum.

If you want to ski, Les Menuires is obviously a great choice, however keep in mind that this region offers so much more. If you take the time to explore the culture of the area, you will be able to truly appreciate its rich and diverse Savoniard heritage.