The value of fashion

A new month is coming and last month’s wardrobe is becoming useless and outdated, no problem, you can experience new market trends that go perfectly with your taste. Aside from the typical stripes we’re used to, you can try something different, add matching skinny scarves, and your outfit will be fabulous. In cold weather, the designer has developed a collection of clothes that match nature. In addition to helping you express yourself and reveal your unique insides, fashion also makes you comfortable, life-changing, showcases some creativity.

Also, it is through fashion that we inform people, the way we dress tells more about us, the reaction to style depends on the message associated with your choice of clothing. Information can be acceptable or outcast to the outside world, especially about those with personal identities, celebrities, politicians, preachers, and younger generations. Fashion is also an expression of social, cultural and religious values. Fashion is an art, like architecture, which gives its development the form and design he / she wants, just like fashion. This means that clothing is a non-verbal form of communication. Fashion also affects a person’s perception, for example, when someone wears a suit, it is more organized and comfortable, and in turn the suit changes that person’s gestures and the way he speaks. Or when someone wears jeans and T-shirts, it is perceived that such a person is weak and liberal.

Fashion – a demonstration of creativity; we assume someone’s creativity depending on the type of clothing he wears more often. But you need to wonder how fashion enhances someone’s creativity, but, for example, when we wear clothes, do we consider several factors, one of which is that the dress matches the events we attend? Or we would also like to dress up to look like a certain celebrity or a loved one we know. So we can say that if we can be creative in our clothes, we can also be creative in all areas of life, including school and music. The fact is that people are very excited when they do something new in their work, and they become successful when they wear a fabric that no one has worn before and people appreciate that you start to have confidence in your work.

Another fascinating thing in this fashion is that it is important in religions and cultures, for example, Muslim ladies have a unique way where they cover their faces. This is perceived as fashion because the dress is worn as intended. Therefore, it can be said that when people wear clothes out of their beliefs, it can strengthen their faith as fashion reminds them of their religion. And also shows children that it is vital to be unique from others.