Taunton – A true English language experience

Religious and military upheavals always determined the state of the nation, and England was no different. The English Empire once boasted of dominating half the world, but despite this interweaving of countless cultures, the English way of life has withstood the test of time. “Genuine” England is preserved in many counties, and there is no better place to begin to absorb the history of England than Taunton, which preserves the oldest traditions in its bosom, happily welcoming the 21st century with open arms.

This magical county got its name from “City on the Ton River”. The name Taunton became the corrupt abbreviated name “Tone Town”. The structural history of this city is as old as the history itself, as it was an important site during Saxon rule around 700 AD, and over the next few centuries the city changed hands and rulers quite frequently. Fantastic Castle Taunton was built around 1107 AD. in the traditional Norman style, although it slowly went into disrepair and finally received the necessary repairs during the civil war in the 17th century. This quiet county in the bosom of nature also witnessed some bloody battles and skirmishes in the 15th century, although precautions were taken during World War II when it served as a stop in the event of German aggression, and several boards are still scattered. everywhere.

Mainly because of these turbulent times Taunton fell into disrepair and demanded proper attention from the authorities. It was subsequently declared a “Strategically Important City” and received sufficient funds for various revival projects to maintain the city as one of the major centers of business and culture. These efforts were not in vain, and Taunton became the center of domestic and international tourism in the southwest.

If a magical story just isn’t a motivation for you to visit, how about architecture? Taunton is home to many iconic monuments that are magnificent examples of architecture at the most dizzying heights. Mary Street Chapel and St. James’s Church are just two of the many ornate buildings that boast intricate wood and stonework that are sure to leave every visitor with great caution. For sports fans in the city there are many clubs and teams for various sports and spectacular matches in football, cricket, basketball, etc., which take place every day. Need a break from the hectic tour schedules – then head to any of the public areas and parks in and around Taunton, including the Goodlands Park, Vivari Park and Victoria Park. The most famous is Victoria Park, which in good condition has fountains and architecture in the early 20th century. Thousands of species of flowers, trees, birds and squirrels add a relaxing and already comforting experience.

Taunton may not be as popular as some other tourist destinations in England, but rest assured – if you visit the city, you’ll never forget its incredibly long history and the rustic charm it exhibits.